We work with staff at all levels of an organisation to understand business problems and develop IT solutions tailored to you and your customers. We believe technology by itself won’t change a thing. Technology solutions that work for people on the other hand – that’s a different story.

What we offer

  • IT strategy, advice and assessment
  • Product and IT solution assessment and review
  • Technical delivery and implementation
  • Hands-on project management
  • Vendor assessment and liaison
  • Team leadership, training and development
  • One-on-one training and mentoring.


Need help streamlining your business operations or bringing new products to market? Want an independent assessment of your IT strategy? Is it specialist training or mentoring you need? Ask us to do it all or call us in for something specific. We can help at any point in the process.

What we do

  • Design great IT architecture
  • Advise boards and executive teams
  • Solve business problems with IT
  • Transforming strategy to delivery
  • Assist with struggling IT projects
  • Migrate legacy systems to new platforms
  • Transfer knowledge and skills among teams and individuals.


Our advice on technology products, vendors and solutions is research driven and 100 percent independent and unbiased. We’ll choose the solution that best solves the problem every time. We’re committed to this approach. It’s part of our service promise.

What we know

  • Business and IT strategy and vision
  • IT governance
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Solution architecture
  • Application and data architecture
  • Integration and agile architecture
  • Software development – lifecycle methodologies
  • Engineering best practices.

Strategic framework

Strategic Framework Diagram


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